GLYCERIN at the service of your skin !

The advanced design of our GLYCERODERMINE creams protects your skin and provides maximum hydration for all seasons.

Did you know that ?

Glycerin is your most important ally to keep your skin well hydrated?

Glycerodermine dermatological skin cream with vegetal glycerin - The Best body lotion

A pure source

Vegetal glycerin hydrates and improves the appearance of the skin by making it softer and healthier. It has amazing moisturizing abilities, since it retains water into the dermis, keeping the skin hydrated and fully nourished all day long. 

Glycerodermine dermatological skin cream - Anti aging

Anti aging

Vegetal glycerin stimulates the natural defenses of the skin. It offers protection and barriers against external irritations such as cold, wind, pollution and Ultraviolet light. Vegetal glycerin protects the skin from external irritations. In fact, it forms an invisible protective layer that limits their impact of external irritation on the epidermis.

Glycerodermine dermatological skin cream - The best moisturizing cream for dry sensitive skin


The vegetal glycerin, with its moisturizing action, durably improves the elasticity of the skin to assure a optimal comfort. It is also endowed with surfactant properties that smooth the skin, assuring to maintain a maximum level of hydration.

Glycerodermine dermatological skin cream - The best cream to protect your skin


Vegetal glycerin restores health to your skin by helping it regenerate. The vegetal glycerin plays an important role in the skin’s repair process by promoting the synthesis of lipids in the epidermis.